Complete Milk Management

Complete Milk Procurement and Manufacturing Software

DSI’s Complete Milk Management Software provides tracking and traceability for incoming milk from both farms and cooperatives through the entire manufacturing process and delivery to your customer. Our customers have the ability to use our software to track, trace and cost every drop of milk from the farm all the way to delivery to a customer. Our procurement and ERP modules are built to work together to build a complete picture of your milk movements, but most are also able to be used in a stand alone fashion, or integrated to other systems.These systems can be plant floor related like scales or meters, or larger ERP systems that aren’t able to handle milk components.

With over 35 years of dairy software experience, our software has continually evolved with the needs of the industry to provide dairy manufacturers the information they need to be successful. We pride ourselves on our dairy knowledge and will help your group achieve goals by combining our software with industry best practices picked up by working with over 180 dairy facilities nationwide. Don’t waste your time explaining your business to your software vendor, work with someone who knows what you mean when you say “class utilization” or “market administrator.”