DairyTracker Barcode

DairyTracker Offers Wireless Warehouse and Production Management 

DairyTracker is a wireless barcode solution that is seamlessly integrated with DSI’s software and extends the inventory,  production and distribution modules,  providing accuracy and up to the second visibility of the plant floor.  This handheld system can be used to create production, move inventory, and ship trucks, all without moving from the seat of a forklift. Using barcoding technology, the system tracks inventory as it comes off the line, is put away, and as it is loaded in a truck, ensuring that you never lose product. As product ships, the barcoding guns will create a workflow for the pickers who are required to scan each piece of inventory as it is selected and then again as it is loaded into the truck. DairyTracker makes sure the right product gets to the right customer, every time.

DairyTracker Barcode scanning system features:

  • 99.9% Inventory Accuracy
  • 50 – 100% Less search time
  • 20-30% Less labor hours
  • UPC Customer compliance
  • True shrink costing
  • Real time yield analysis