DSI’s ERP software is exclusively designed and developed for the dairy and food processing industries.  Our software modules manage all components and/or ingredients through procurement, manufacturing, warehouse/distribution to the retail shelf.  Providing complete recall and traceability with “real time” inventory management and "actual costing", giving companies the financial advantage.  DSI offers solutions for small, medium and large plants throughout the U.S., our software can be used as a complete solution or as individual module units to meet the needs of your business.


DSI's procurement suite modules are designed to increase accuracy by eliminating key strokes, making data more manageable and reliable the second liquids come into the plant. Using this system during intake will allow your staff to start traceability on all of your products, account for where they are being loaded to, and shrink factors. DSI's complete milk management system with producer payroll fully integrates with our lab collection module, users will have access to specific lab results and email and text capabilitities allowing for the right combination of materials to be brought into production to meet your customer’s needs.

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DSI's manufacturing software modules are designed to follow the food manufacturing process from scheduling, making product, through storage and distribution. The system is designed to work on a standalone basis, or to be integrated with our Warehouse Management System. The system accounts for all steps of traceability throughout the manufacturing process as well as manages the ins and outs of the production steps and can report on productivity and loss for more accurate costing.

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DSI's Warehouse Management System provides complete monitoring of all components, ingredients and finished product. Our DairyTracker wireless barcode module interfaces with DSI's software inventory and production modules providing accuracy, increased efficiencies and traceability at any time. This handheld barcode system automatically informs personnel of product locations and maximizes floor efficiency in product order picking and shipping. The software also provides instant costing analysis, insures quality and controls shrinks.



This financial management software gives you all the basic accounting functions i.e., General Ledger, Accounts Payable/Receivable, Safe Pay, Bank Reconciliation, Fixed Assets, and Management Reporter. Also, other applications available are Integration suite, complete Payroll including direct deposit, et. al. and Human Resources recording systems, etc. This financial management software allows integration with all DSI software modules and information flows into Microsoft Dynamics GP financials creating on demand reporting.

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