Inventory Management with Built in Lab

DSI's Inventory module works in concert with the manufacturing system to ensure that you know where every piece of your inventory resides. Beyond knowing where inventory resides, the inventory module extends the Lab module, allowing quick and easy access to what inventory is on quality hold, what is sell able, and what is downgraded product. Inventory reports are built with information from production, order entry and distribution to show quickly what is on hand, what is sold, what is on hold, and a host of other characteristics. This module can be partnered with DSI's DairyTracker barcoding system to create a real time inventory system from the moment product rolls off the line until the truck has left the dock. 

  • Increased accuracy on item locations 
  • Decreased need in cycle counts and full warehouse inventories
  • Integrated to the lab for quick access to quality information on inventory
  • DairyTracker barcode compatible
  • Robust reporting that includes quality specifications