Order Fulfillment

Total Order Fulfillment and Shipment Tracking

Ensure the highest possible level of customer service by combining pertinent and timely order, inventory, and financial information to your customer service representatives. The system validates and supports bill-to, ship-to, terms, promotions, allowances, and virtually unlimited pricing schemes (including random weight capability). It will help fill trucks according to stop (if desired) and will estimate weights to avoid over shipping a truck with too much weight. The route activity functionality will help customers with that delivery model all the way up to bulk shippers. The picking screen will show you employees which customers are made happy by which inventory based upon quality metrics, make dates and other factors, increasing your efficiency and ensuring you deliver product that meets your customers requirements. Create paperwork and shipping documents with ease at your workstation, or wirelessly with the incorporation of DSI's DairyTracker system.


  • Multiple pricing methods including Market, Contract, Volume, List and operator override if authorized
  • Random Weight (Catch Weight) pricing
  • Pricing by date of make, date of order or ship date
  • Date sensitive pricing, promotions, and allowances at all levels
  • Calculation of moisture premiums, storage and interest
  • Use of customer component standards to select product to fill orders
  • Inter-company transfers with or without costs
  • Sold/hold ordering
  • Automatic credit checking/credit hold
  • On-line inquiry of open/historical orders
  • Multiple order templates for each customer/groups of customers; customer maintenance access by more than one person
  • Multiple ship-to locations remit-to addresses/per order
  • Direct ship capability (process shipping without inventory entry)
  • Unlimited commentary at all levels of the order process