Producer Payroll

Producer Payroll  - A Complete Milk Management System 

DSI's Producer Payroll software is a dairy industry leading comprehensive milk management system is flexible enough to address the varied needs of some of the country's largest dairy cooperatives to some of the smallest independent manufacturers. DSI's original product, Producer Payroll, is trusted to pay over 35% of the Dairy Producers in the United States - more than any other system. DSI's Producer Payroll is used in every part of the country, handling each Federal Order's rules, including California and unregulated areas. Producer Payroll also handles pooling, de-pooling, and all of the various requirements of the Milk Market Administrator. 

DSI's Producer Payroll system allows for a variety of payment options, tracks assignments and deductions, loans, feed and test kit purchases, and keeps records of all of your Producer information. The extensive reporting system includes over 200 reports built in, giving management the ability to dissect information in a multitude of ways. Producer Payroll, when combined with the Producer Web/Text portal, and DairyHauler, will automatically alert Producers to changes in their quality, view lab results,  helping to enhance your relationship with your farms. 

  • Federal Order System Compliant - Including California
  • Pooling Hub for easier Pooling and De-Pooling
  • Shrinkage tracking built-in
  • Automatic load variance reporting
  • Producer Web/Text Portal for instant communicaiton 
  • Integration with weigh scales and flow meters
  • Pricing & Payment  pricing incentives like seasonal, forward contracting, fat, protein, SCC; special state pricing, and cheese yield
  • Checks for producer, vendor, and hauler
  • Flexible handling of Assignments and Deductions
  • Multiple hauling  methodolgies
  • Service fee deductions
  • User-defined payroll deduction; patron check periods (advance and final, multiple advances, etc)
  • Multiple partners per producer (Farm Splits)
  • User-defined assignments
  • Integrated to Equity for Cooperatives 
  • Integrated to Liquid Sales for Milk Billing