Producer Web Portal

On-Demand Information for your Milk Producers

The Producer Web Portal application allows individual milk producers to log into a secure portal to view their individual farm results.  Access can be given to quality results, historical information, and optionally, their financial payment information. By allowing your producers to have instant access to their information you can decrease incoming producer calls and increase producer satisfaction. Milk Producers also have tools to export their information for their own records or for feed management systems in a variety of formats. 

  • Secure portal to view individual farm results
  • User friendly screens, ability to have specialized reports
  • Administrative management of security updates; user rights
  • Wireless capability/access for field reps while in the field or at producer sites using tablets and laptops
  • Real-time report access information of test results, trends and other information;
  • Ability to view Producer quality, check and equity information if desired 

Producer Text Portal

DSI’s Producer Text Portal software module will help your producers get access to more information faster than ever before!   This functionality built upon DSI’s Producer Payroll  module to help producers maintain how they receive information on their test results. Customers taking advantage of the Producer Text Portal will have the ability to:

  • Communicate Test Results to Producers Instantly
  • Allows Producers to control communications – via email and/or texting
  • Producer managed ranges for test values for immediate reporting of
    potential problems
  • Test results communicated for both internal and external labs
  • Both component and microbiology alerts available
  • Multiple phone numbers can receive texts
  • Allows farm managers / dietitians / veterinarians / staff to all access to test information
  • Set up and managed by producers – not your staff!
  • Works on all major cell carriers