New Construction Evaluations 

Ensuring the correct data and floor integration for state of the art facilities 

New construction projects are always a stressful, yet rewarding project. DSI has worked side by side with cooperatives and proprietary plants as they have completed new buildings, retrofitted old ones, or even converted previous manufacturing sites to state of the art food production facilities. Our blend of knowledge between Dairy, Accounting, IT and software can help guide your staff through the process to make sure that all the various aspects of the project are being considered, enabling your staff to make the best decisions possible. 

  • Data Process and Design
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Data Measurement Points
  • Meter / Scale Systems
  • Barcoding / Wireless System Planning 
  • Accounting / Account Structure Setup
  • Costing / Dairy Analytics
  • Milk Sourcing / Procurement Planning
  • State and Federal Reporting Guidance