DSI's Warehouse Management System provides up to the second information on quantity and location of both ingredients and finished product. Our DairyTracker wireless barcode module interfaces with our inventory, production, and distribution modules providing accuracy, increased efficiency and traceability. This handheld barcode system automatically informs personnel of product locations and directs floor staff for product order picking and shipping.  

Order Fulfillment

Ensure Order Accuracy With Barcoding

Ensure the highest possible picking accuracy with the MobileDSI system to handle picking and shipping of trucks. Warehouse employees will be prompted to pick the product that meets individual customer needs, and can be controlled either by the floor staff, or by the office. Barcodes are scanned confirming each truck gets filled with the right product every time. Paperwork can be set to print right on the floor, so that when a truck is close, the bill of lading, certificates of analysis and other paperwork prints right on the dock. 


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Order Fulfillment - Data Specialist

Inventory Management

Raw and Finished Goods Product Detail Ready at all Times

The Inventory Management module provides specific product detail for inventory items – whether the product is a raw material or a finished item. This module is unique because it allows the user to define and track the laboratory properties of each item from raw receipt through production and ultimately into the finished product. Can also be incorporated with the DairyTracker System for wireless warehouse management, being able to be moved from inventory location to inventory location with the scan of a barcode.

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Inventory Management - Data Specialist

DairyTracker Wireless System

Wireless Warehouse Management 

DairyTracker is a wireless barcode solution that extends the inventory, production and distribution modules, providing up to the second changes in what's being made, where inventory is, and what is being shipped. This handheld system eliminates the need for production sheets, manual shipping paperwork, and cross referencing inventory locations on outdated spreadsheets. 

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DairyTracker Wireless System